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Our Why

We figured that to start our company blog we should explain to all of our consumers and potential consumers OUR reason for creating Aim Baking co. Here is the "why" behind our drive to create delicious, healthier alternatives that fit perfectly in your diet. We believe that learning how to truly moderate when it comes to food intake is the key to your healthy relationship with food. It's the place where you take back all the power.

First of all we love to be in the kitchen creating inventive, nutritious and tasty food for ourselves and our families. We love the warmth of a baked good melting in your mouth and the fun creative outlet working with food can be.

Now rewind to last year when all three of us had health and fitness goals we were working hard to attain. We had all recently had a baby, and were ready to kick things back into gear, fit into our old clothes and feel comfortable in our own (stretched out) skin.  Relearning and practicing self control each night when all you want is a brownie and ice cream took quite a bit of mental energy and perseverance. But we learned that white knuckling your self away from the pack of Oreos only lasted so long before you bend and eventually break under the discomfort of deprivation, missing out on yummy treats and the guilt ridden internal dialogue it brings up every time. 

So we set out to create something that 1. We could genuinely look forward to. 2. Was completely satiating and satisfying 3. Could easily fit into our macro numbers and help us reach our long term health goals. 

Thus was born our first product - the Core Cake. We were previously making from scratch or buying powdered mixes to make "healthy" mug cakes that were...ok...kind of..meh.. but got the job done at the end of the day. There had to be a better way and we were determined to find it. Through months and months of creating, testing and tweaking recipes, we landed on something that hits the sweet spot in macronutrients and calorie count, goes above and beyond in taste and texture and is crazy convenient.  We believe that Core Cakes is that product hands down and so do our customers. 

The second element to "our why" is the desire to create and build something, to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and reach other women who we identify with. We want to make and distribute our Core Cakes and other products just like it to help that 30-something-year-old mom of 3 feel enabled and capable of reaching her daily, weekly, monthly health goals without the cycle of deprivation, overeating and guilt. Or the woman who has made amazing progress with her deadlift or hip thrust with amazing "gains" but is in a total rut with her go to snacks, treats or post workout nutrition. 

To be clear, we do not discriminate against any baked good sweet or savory and have a strong affinity for them. The goal of Aim Baking Co. is to enable you to eat them in moderation no emotional strings attached. The key to this is from the healthy choices your making the rest of your week- Aim baking Co. products included. 

So this is what keeps us going, motivates us to stay up late at night working on these products rather than binge watching Friends or The Crown (but their so binge worthy right?) and we're loving the journey. 

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