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The Power of a Meal Plan

One of my favorite sayings often used by our sister-in-law is, “I can do anything if I have a plan.”

Before beginning my journey to improve my health and my fitness level, I felt so stuck and overwhelmed - I had no idea how or where to start. It seemed that each day would begin and I would start out telling myself, ‘Today, you are not going to slip up. Today you are going to be proud of your choices.’  So I’d start out with confidence, determined to break habits and avoid any tempting goodies. But then the next meal would come along, and a few hours later a craving for something I saw on my phone, and then it’s dinner time and I’m scrambling to figure out what I can eat that my family will also enjoy. By the end of the night, I’m feeling tired, defeated, and upset with the outcome of the day.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? I’m sure each of us have started out on any new project or goal with good intentions and a vision of the end result, but somewhere along the way, we get stuck or sidetracked and we lose our resolve. So what is the big game changer? What is your best bet on actually getting the job done right?

Make a meal plan.

Can you really expect the results you want by trying to wing it all the time?

In my experience, once I started planning my week, days, and hours of exactly what I was going to eat - that is when I started seeing progress. I started recognizing which times of the day I was most likely to want salty comfort food and which times I was going to crave something sweet and full of fat. So I had to make a plan to combat these times when my resolve would be low. I needed to stock my tool belt with easy, low effort choices to pick from so I could stay on track.

Having the choice made beforehand leaves little room for error. A meal plan can help clear your mind to think about other things other than, "What should I/ shouldn't I eat. I used to feel so anxious as soon as I would feel hungry or munchy. It felt like my ‘hangry’ side would show up in no time. I was 0-60 in minutes and I would just bounce back and forth between the fridge and the pantry waiting for a solution to appear. But after planning out my whole day of food and activity, I started to feel more confident in my ability to accomplish my goals. I started to feel control over my bad habits and I drowned out my negative thinking.

So take the time. Put in the work. Figure out where and when you’re weak and plan your defense while you’re strong. I would strongly suggest trying out Core Cakes - especially for those of you that seem to have no will to fight your sweet tooth. Core Cakes are so convenient and easy to fit into anyone's meal plan, they really are a no brainer!

I know meal planning can feel like soooo much effort sometimes, but nothing changes if nothing changes am I right?

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