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Women Empowering Women

In an economy often dominated by male innovators, the solution for women’s problems can sometimes land just shy of the mark. It’s not news to anyone that women have a lot on their plate.

What to major in? When to have kids? How to raise kids? How to have perfect skin and shiny hair? How to lose weight? When to apply for that promotion? How to coordinate after school activities? How to eat smarter?

I think Beyonce summed it up nicely when she said/sang “Who run the world? Girls!”

So who better find a solution to the difficulties facing women today than...women?!

Here at Core Cakes, this has been one of our primary inspirations for creating our product -- how to empower other women. We understand the pressures modern women face. We know what it’s like to wear many hats and and wonder how to balance and interchange those responsibilities throughout the day: working in the home, volunteering in the community or at church, raising children, working out of the home, finishing a degree. With all of these things demanding our attention, we know how easily WE get put on the bottom of the list. ‘We’ meaning our mental, physical and emotional well-being - these can often become our lowest priority.

Now, we Core Cakes ladies are not claiming to have some magical solution to ‘having it all.’ But, we did develop our product with the everyday woman (like us) in mind. We wanted to create something that made a woman feel more confident in herself, her choices, and her physical health. We wanted something to help a woman feel like she was prioritizing herself and capable of achieving her goals.

So we created Core Cakes! The mug cake that is fast to make, requires minimal effort or planning, works FOR your body instead of against it, and tastes like an authentic dessert. Other ‘diet desserts’ on the market can lack flavor and are hard to choke down. You’re left wanting a real treat for all your hard work but you don’t want to give up on your fitness goals. Core Cakes are designed to be the solution for all women who are looking for a smarter, tastier dessert to enjoy instead of the cakes and cookies that tempt us on every aisle of the grocery store.

We at Core Cakes encourage you to make your health a priority today, and treat yourself to a dessert that fits your health goals.

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