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Does protein make you feel more full?

Why would I choose a protein dessert?? Maybe the answer to this question is a no brainer for some of you, but there was a time when I can remember wondering, “if I’m already choosing to eat dessert, why eat something that isn’t the real thing? Why would muscle down some dry, hardly-edible piece of cake when I could put those calories towards something truly satisfying?” What’s more, some argue that if you trick yourself into eating a low calorie dessert, your mind will justify you eating more of it which then leads you to issues with over-eating. Well, with Core Cakes, this isn’t a problem. Why? Because Core Cakes are MORE than a low calorie dessert for two reasons....

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Making a case for Macros

  The typical American is familiar with the term "calories". To some it's loaded, indicative of negative diet culture and restriction. For other's, it's something they learned about in school and has something to do with food and energy but beyond that has no relevance in their life. Calories are the foundation of food science, and when considered correctly, hold a lot of power to understanding health, weight loss, and fitness. But the body is a complex (understatement), dynamic organism that responds in a multifaceted way to what we eat.  Macronutrients are the building blocks, of our nutrition. The three players are Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates. They are the secondary layer to calories. I believe that, when paired with the right...

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Women Empowering Women

In an economy often dominated by male innovators, the solution for women’s problems can sometimes land just shy of the mark. It’s not news to anyone that women have a lot on their plate. What to major in? When to have kids? How to raise kids? How to have perfect skin and shiny hair? How to lose weight? When to apply for that promotion? How to coordinate after school activities? How to eat smarter? I think Beyonce summed it up nicely when she said/sang “Who run the world? Girls!” So who better find a solution to the difficulties facing women today than...women?! Here at Core Cakes, this has been one of our primary inspirations for creating our product -- how...

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My Solution to 3 pm Munchies: Eat to Avoid Snacking

It's 3 pm.  You've eaten lunch... but that satiated feeling has worn off. It's totally gone. You've still gots lot of your day left and the end isn't in sight and the munchies have hit hard.  You mindlessly start to browse through cupboards which gets your tastebuds going looking for some action. Now you're body has fooled you into convincing you that you're totally hungry and must be fed now. But, how do you avoid snacking when that's all you can think about? I have fallen prey to this situation countless times. And despite efforts to distract myself, convincing myself that I don't need to eat, that urge is hard to keep at bay.  Don't get me wrong. I am all...

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The Secret to Moderation With Food.

  It’s no secret to anybody living in any first world country that over consumption of food is leading many people to poor health. Overeating is harder to hide because the results glow in our double chins and muffin tops. What is not as easily known is the key to eating in moderation. Here we will delve into the key, actually two keys to eating in moderation. They are 1-increasing the hormone leptin and 2-increasing our own willpower. Finding foods that help overcome both these hurdles is key to finding moderation with food. Leptin Leptin is a well known hormone in weight loss circles, but not one commonly acknowledged in western society. Simply put, leptin is the hormone that creates...

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