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Are Core Cakes gluten free?

  • None of the ingredients inside Core Cakes contain gluten. However, some of our ingredients have been processed in facilities that also handle gluten products.


What is the best vessel to cook my Core Cake in?

  • Core Cakes are best cooked in a microwave safe mug which can be as small as a coffee mug. A tea cup is too small and a bowl does not cook as well with the instructions we provide.


What toppings do you recommend on my Core Cake?

  • Core Cakes are intended to be the 'core' of your treat and pair well with a variety of toppings. Our favorites include fresh fruit, (especially berries, peaches, or bananas) flavored Greek yogurt, whipped cream, low calorie ice cream, low calorie syrups, raw honey, and granola. Make it your own and share with us any suggestions that work for you!


What consistency should my Core Cake be?

  • The consistency depends on your personal preference. If you want your cake to be cooked and 'caked' all the way through, then we would recommend you cook it for 60 seconds or longer. If you want your cake to be more molten'y', then we recommend you cook it for less time - more around 50 seconds or less. Keep in mind that not every microwave is the same so you may need to test out what works best for you.