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Core Cake Tutorial

Step 1: Pour out your cake mix

Choose a microwave safe mug. We've found that tea cups are usually too small and don't produce the desired outcome so stick with any kind of coffee mug or larger.


Step 2: Add liquid

We recommend you use either water, almond milk, or cow's milk. About 3 tbsp or 50g of liquid is usually sufficient. Some have tried adding a little more to keep their cake more molten-y

Step 3: Mix together

Make sure you scrape the sides and bottom really well so you don't get any pockets of powder in your cake. Your mixed consistency should feel like cake batter (maybe a little more runny).

Step 4: Microwave

We recommend you microwave your cake for about 50-60 seconds but keep in mind, every microwave is different. Also, if you prefer your mug cakes to be slightly molten and runny in the middle, you should plan to cook it for about 5-10 seconds less than the recommended time. Here's a little chart for microwave differences.

1200 W -- 50-60 seconds

950 W -- 60-70 seconds

700 W -- 70-80 seconds


*Note: if you don't have a microwave, you can also bake your mug cake in an oven at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes